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Metro Internet Marketing has been providing Digital Marketing Consulting since 2011.  Let us help you improve the way you look in the search results.

If your customers can’t find you in the search results then they can’t take advantage of your product or service.

Don’t spend countless hours scouring the Internet for marketing literature to stay cutting edge. You know what it is you love to do.


Your Secret Weapon

Are you a small or medium-sized business?

We offer varying levels of hand-holding, depending on your particular needs.

You need someone to take a deep dive into your online presence, both on your website and off of it.

Today’s search algorithms have grown up and there’s just no foolin’ them anymore. How to get around that? Build a real audience. Get verifiable engagement.

Put optimization in place that will stick, for the long turn. Not the latest fad that will fail with the next update.

We listen intently as our client describe their dreams. We hope you’ll consider us part of your team.

We promise to be brutally honest and not waste your time. The goal is always to provide you with great service.


Usability = Conversions

Make it easy for users to find what they need. Up your game by including the wisdom of  Jakob Nielsen, the number one expert in usability. See your online presence from the perspective of your users.

Reduce friction. Learn to display a great deal of information onsite while still remaining very clear. Explore data like Edward R. Tufte in Envisioning Information.  Let’s synthesize great amounts of data into something anyone can comprehend.

That is what we do at Metro Internet Marketing. Let’s break it down. Let’s clear up the fog.

Get your questions answered.


Pay Per Click, Paid Search Marketing

The only way to get onto Google immediately is by paying them directly.

Google is notoriously NOT user-friendly. Let us help you manage an account that makes you money.

We are a Certified Google Partner specializing in Google Search. Hover over the three dots in the badge below to watch it change slightly.

Click it to go to our Google Partner Page, if Google is in the mood.


Spirit of Giving

We are admonished to give anonymously. The point of giving it NOT to pat your own back. 

We feel compelled to declare we were founded in a spirit of giving. Our founder is an award-winning neighborhood activist who brought a playground to a local park.

We continue in this vein as we offer pro-bono services to a local nonprofit, TigerMountain Foundation.